Combine Zerona Laser Body Slimming, Ideal Protein Weight Loss, and VibraTrim Exercise
for an incredible weight loss and fitness program!

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Real people, real results

Have you started to notice your weight in the mirror? Unfortunately, that’s one of the first things people notice when seeing you every day. Studies show that people will make up to 14 assumptions about you simply based on your appearance. These assumptions effect your progress at work, your success in business, and especially your social life. Isn’t it time to take control?!

The confidence you feel when you look in the mirror and love what you see boosts every aspect of your life.

Deb: Size 12 to a 4 in Four Weeks

Deb Honeycutt Dropped 4 Dress Sizes and 20 lbs in 4 Weeks on ZIPFit

On their own, Zerona and VibraTrim have helped our Guests lose an average of 6½ inches of fat, and up to 12 inches in one month. For many, the pounds will drop after the inches. However, for those who start with the goal of losing pounds, our ZIP-Fit program will get your results to show on the scale… fast.

The ZIP Program Provides for 100% greater inch loss and safe, healthy, rapid weight loss and body contouring at the same time. Our process supplies you with a continuous stream of adequate nutrients to keep health and wellness as a focal point of the program. The Zerona process of releasing stored fat produces dramatic results when combined with the diet.

By comparison, reputable liposuction procedures will cost over $1,000 per area, and there could be FOUR areas just to slim down your mid-section. For about the same cost as one (1) liposuction area, ZIPFit provides Total Body results with no long-term concerns.

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